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Customer Reviews for McKenney-Salinas Honda in Charlotte, NC

Finding the right car at the right price is often a challenge. Finding the right dealer to do business with, well that too can be as much of a challenge.

At McKenney-Salinas Honda in Charlotte, NC, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable sales and service teams have reached the highest levels of customer care. But let our customers do the talking for us.

Mr. Salinas, You have a valuable asset in Mr. Jolly. He never once pressured me, for which I can't stand someone to do. I will surely recommend to anyone to do business with you and Mr. Jolly. I also can assure you that I will return to you and Mr. Jolly in the future when I can talk my wife into letting me purchase a truck. Again, thank you for having employees like David Jolly that doesn't waste peoples' time and not pressuring me into buying the Suburban, for which would have been a mistake for my family. Mr. Jolly's professional demeanor is the reason I chose to do business with you when I finally decided to purchase a minivan. Thank you and I hope to do business with your dealership again in the future.
Jonathan F. Western, NC
Ms. Salinas, We purchased a 2011 Honda Odyssey last week. I just wanted to send a quick message and let you know how much we LOVE our new van!!! I have never been so excited about a vehicle purchase :) Jonathan Zirbel was our sales associate and he was so great. I felt like I was quoted a fair price the first time and there was no need to haggle like there usually is when buying a car. Jonathan also stayed late on Tuesday to help with the financing, etc. and to show me all the features of the car. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend McKenney-Salinas Honda! Thank you! We are looking forward to our first road trip in the Odyssey this weekend (going to the beach)!
JoAnna J. Charlotte, NC
Mr. Salinas,
I was so sorry not to get to meet you on Friday but I wanted to thank you for your help in purchasing my new Civic. This is the first new vehicle I have ever purchased and I was very apprehensive about doing so. Mr. Mathis and Mr. Jones were so helpful and courteous that it was a painless procedure. My husband was very pleased with the car and with how I was treated, especially since he was not able to be there. I love my new car! Thank you again for your help and the help of your staff!
Laura D. Gastonia, NC
I'll be honest; I used the Amex ZAG program to look into the Honda Odyssey. I received quotes from three dealerships, two of which were very close to my house. Your price was wonderful, but I expected the usual price PLUS dealer installed stuff, plus a high admin fee, plus tax title and license. I did get that from two other dealerships. They were charging for a bunch of stuff I didn't need (e.g. dealer install this and that). I tried to explain to them that I didn't want to pay $1000 for "stuff," but they wouldn't listen. Your dealership was quick to respond with just what I needed (i.e. price plus very reasonable admin fee and requisite tax/title) and found the exact vehicle color/options that I wanted that required a dealer swap. Long story short, Jonathan and Ruth got me exactly what we were looking for. I appreciate the simplicity of the process, and look forward to buying my next vehicle from you all. Also, I plan to spread the good word - that it's worth the short drive to your location to get the better deal and buying experience.
Tom L. Charlotte, NC
My father and I visited McKenney Salinas last November, since I was in desperate need of a car. Marvin Reid was excellent. He put me in a Chevy that hasn't disappointed me yet. I would recommend this dealership without hesitation, no matter where you live.
John M. Cary, NC
You got it right... Customer Service. I just wanted to send a quick note to say what a great job you all do in regards to Customer Service! I purchased my car from a local dealer because I like having my car serviced by the dealership. I just wanted to comment that your entire Service Department does an GREAT JOB. I work with Eric most of the time and he is a great guy to work with! I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback and again say Thank You and Happy New Year to you all! I hope that these comments are shared with everyone because this is meant for your entire team! Thank you,
Joe R. Cramerton, NC
Dear McKenney Salinas,
Just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a great car buying experience I had at your Honda store. We just love that Tracy Hooper like a brother! I wish we could come buy a car from him once a month (I know he does too, right?). Thanks so much for providing such great service! Thanks,
Jennifer R. Gastonia, NC
Mr. Salinas,
I had my Civic serviced Monday and had a great experience. Thanks to your great service department! Thanks,
Janice M.
Mr. Salinas, I recently leased a new Honda Accord for my wife from your dealership. Roger Brown and Matt Huffman assisted me in leasing this vehicle. Roger and Matt were very courteous while my wife and I decided on the right vehicle for us. Roger came in on his day off to make this deal, which in my opinion shows his dedication to your organization. Roger and Matt were very professional and were able to assist me in getting car my wife wanted. Thanks,
John T. Jr.
Sal, I just wanted to let you know that I love my new CR-V. Thanks for your help. It truly is a pleasure doing business with you.
Felicia T. Gastonia, NC
Mr. Salinas, I recently leased a new Honda Accord for my wife from your dealership. Roger Brown and Matt Huffman assisted me in leasing this vehicle. Roger and Matt were very courteous while my wife and I decided on the right vehicle for us. Roger came in on his day off to make this deal, which in my opinion shows his dedication to your organization. Roger and Matt were very professional and was able assist me in getting the car my wife wanted. Thanks,
John T.
Dear Mr. Holder,
Thank you for giving your time and inviting us to the Car Care Clinic. I feel your advice was very helpful. We appreciate your caring when we coming in for help with our Honda. You make us feel confident that our problems will be solved because you care. I have only been driving Hondas for four years and I have been very happy with its performance. It is good to know that we have a service manager and the staff who care. Thank you again for giving your time and showing you care.
Shirley W. Gastonia, NC
Lauren, >Just wanted to let you know that I purchased the van on Friday. Having purchased many new vehicles in my lifetime, I must say the buying experience is something that I have not always looked forward to. The atmosphere Friday was much different than any of my past purchases. It was a totally relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Everyone in the sales staff was very friendly and helpful. The price of the van along with the extras included were better than any other dealers I contacted and I was given a fair price for my trade. What more could a buyer ask for? I will definitely recommend your dealership to my family and friends. Thanks again for your help and I look forward to doing business with your dealership again in the future.
James L. Fort Mill, SC
Mr. Salinas, I am sending this note to let you know what outstanding service that Eric Oram at Gastonia North Carolina Honda dealership provided to me and my family. He has done everything a customer could expect and a little more. Thanks for Eric. Thank you,
Lee G. Gastonia, NC
Mr. Salinas, Just a quick note to let you know what a pleasant experience I had with my recent purchase of a new 2011 Honda Pilot from your Gastonia location. My salesman, Mr. Bobby Ford, is in my opinion an exceptional person and was very to my needs and concerns. He was a complete joy with who I was not only happy, but more importantly, comfortable dealing with. He could not do enough to make me feel comfortable in our interaction on this deal. I think highly of him, and I want you to know that he is an exceptional representative for your company. I would also like you to know that as a repeat customer of McKenney - Salinas Honda, I made a deliberate decision to deal with the Gastonia dealership for the following reasons: 1. I have been a customer of yours for some time and found my first purchase experience to be a highly enjoyable one. There was not stress, no pressure in either the first or the most recent purchase. This is very important to me. 2. Mr. Ford was attentive to the information I gave him as to what was important to me as a customer and he made sure my experience was congruent with what I expected and what I wanted from it. 3. I have never had a bad experience with your service department. In fact, I have had only good experiences with them. I anticipate nothing less in the future. Sincerely,
Patricia P. Gastonia, NC
Dear Jeff, My name is Yohannes Tesemma, and I was in your dealership today looking for Mitsubishi 2009 and Honda 2003. My experience with your dealership was a pleasant one. Your sales personnel were friendly and helpful. They don't rush you as dealers. They are efficient and professionals. I commend them for the impression they left with me. Believe me if the transaction goes ok or not, rest assured I will be your repeated customer of yours in the future, and I will recommend your dealership to friends and family.
Yohannes T. Charlotte, NC
Bobby, Thank you for calling me today to check to make sure all is well with the car. I wanted to express how pleased I am with the level of customer service you showed me during the months I had begun to look for a car. From the beginning you were a perfect gentleman and salesperson. I remember telling you that I am “not just kicking tires”. I have had many challenges and yes they are all over for looking/purchasing a vehicle, something I prayed for. Thank you for ALL that you did in making sure the sale went through; your time, patience, and most importantly your genuine concern for me. I appreciate you and will never forget you. YES I WILL SEND ALL I KNOW who are looking to purchase, to you. :) Have a great weekend and take care!
Kimberly C. Belmont, NC
Chris, I hope that you are having a good day first of all. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you did to assure that I drove off with the car of my choice. I know that it was a long journey (about 4 weeks) that I was constantly “harassing” you. J I appreciate your patience, your time, and your professionalism. Many people would have given up on me and my situation with my credit, but you withstood the test! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANKS again for all that you did. I will never forget you and McKenny/Salinas Honda!! Have a great weekend.
Kimberley Coffey
Jonathan, I wanted to thank you for all your timely assistance and your willingness to provide me all the info I needed to make a decision and move forward to purchase. Everything went great and we are VERY happy! I will most certainly recommend MS Honda to everyone that even mentions buying a car around me. Eddie was super as was every person we encountered at the dealership. Again, thanks so much!
Janet G. Gastonia, NC
My name is James Lovingood and I purchased a 2010 Galant last week from your dealership. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. I had talked to several dealers most of them never returned my calls or even bothered to greet me on their lot. I can not tell you how many lots I have drove on where know one even came out to talk to me. I was promptly greeted by David Jolly where I immediately explained my situation and with out hesitation he insisted he could help me. I received a very informative demo ride from a guy that said he had only been there a few weeks. David introduced me to Tim and again with out hesitation he set down with me and was straight forward and we made a deal. Unfortunately I had a lot of negative equity and it took a little work to make it happen. Tim promised he would make the deal one way or the other and he kept his word. Chris helped as well and showed a lot of patience and answered my questions and most importantly answered my calls. I have bought allot of cars over the years and I have to tell you that David Tim and Chris made this probably the best experience I have ever had. Knowing some about the car business and the turn over etc I hope you realize the quality people you have here and do what ever you have to to keep these guys as part of your business. I think it will pay off. I look forward to doing business in the future
James L. Salisbury NC
Mr. Salinas,
Your service dept. is really one to appreciate, I am very thankful for there honesty and help. My wife went to get the oil and filter changed the other day and was told afterward by Lamar Ledford that they had found two motor mounts that were broken. We have a 2003 Odyssey- and have it serviced regularly at your shop. This job was going to be an expensive one, so at first I was skeptical about what was broken. I did the work myself after buying the parts from your parts department and found that Lamar was indeed correct. It is nice to know that you are really being cared for and treated in a very Honest, and professional manner. Thanks so much!
Jonathan S. Gastonia, NC
Lauren, I want to take the time to let you know how pleased I am with my purchasing experience with Bobby Ford. He is very professional, efficient, and thorough - and at the same time, personable. I felt very comfortable working with him. I'm sure you realize how fortunate you are to have that kind of salesperson representing your dealership. Regards,
Mary C. Cherryville, NC
Mr. Salinas, Thanks to you and your staff for servicing us in our recent purchase of a 2009 Honda Accord from your dealership. We approached some 30 Honda dealerships to do an online purchase. Some 25 responded with your being the one of the very few that truly treated us as intelligent buyers. Honestly, there were a very, very few dealers who understood how to work with us as informed internet buyers and Honda car owners for 25+ years. Initially, Lauren exchanged emails with us a few times in a very professional manner, to-the-point manner and we then finalized the purchase on the phone. It was three business days from her first email response to when we picked up the car, including your locating it from another dealer. Please commend Lauren, Tim Lawing, Eddie Jarvis and Matt Huffman for creating a positive buying experience for us. We have already been contacted by your service department to make us familiar with your online service record system for our future service needs. We will highly recommend your dealership to other in the future for sales and service. Regards,
D. Hemmert Charlotte, NC
Mr. Salinas, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate Eric in the service department. He is always so helpful as well as pleasant. He goes our of his way to make me feel like a valued customer. It is a pleasure doing business with your company due to employees like Eric. Sincerely,
A. Davis Gastonia, NC
Lauren, I purchased a beautiful 2008 Accord that I saw on your website. I have to tell you that I shopped for cars all weekend and was so discouraged and beaten down by the tactics of one dealership that I was not sure I could do it again. I took a chance and by good grace, I got Alton Crawford. What a breath of fresh air!!! He made the process so comfortable and pleasurable. He was a true delight to just talk with. He also is very knowledgeable about his product and I feel very well-informed about my purchase and how my car operates. He really went above and beyond my expectations. I also purchased the "wrap-around" coverage so I feel extremely well covered. I could not be more pleased with the service I received from everyone especially Alton.
John A. Gastonia, NC
Mr. Salinas, I am a firm believer in customer feedback when it is good and when it is not so good. This feedback is great! In March, I stopped into your showroom and was introduced to Chris Pressely who was very pleasant and immediately introduced me to a salesman, Marvin Reid. Mr Reid was also very pleasant and we began to talk about the type of car I wanted. Before I continue I must tell you I am a single woman who has never purchased a car before. I was nervous and afraid. I have always heard the horror stories about the car salesman and the single woman buyer. Well, I congratulate you and your employees for totally disproving that theory for me! I was made to feel comfortable, never pressured and as a matter of fact I ended up with a car that I love. It was Mr. Reid who suggested that i take a look at the Hyundai Sontata. I immediately told him i didn't want a Hyundai, I wanted a Honda. He said just take a look at the car. So we get in the golf cart and rode over to the Hyundai. I didn't want to get out of the cart. I just wanted to look. Mr Reid then encouraged me to just get inside. So I got inside but refused to start the car. he then asked me if I wanted to drive it around the parking lot. I agreed. The rest is history. I love this car!!! It is a great looking car! I was never pressured by any of your people. They even listened to me whine a little. Needless to say I will be making my next car purchase from McKenney-Salinas Honda Mitsubishi. Tell Marvin he has a customer for life!!! let Chris know I appreciate him making the numbers work for me. Thank you so much for taking car of me!
Ja'Nine G. Charlotte, NC
Mr. Salinas, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an outstanding experience I recently had at your dealership. I called to set up an appointment for my Honda Odyssey through Eric Oram. I needed some warranty work done as well as an oil change and tire rotation. Eric was very prompt in getting me in and keeping me apprised as to the details of my service. He provided me with a rental car which was much appreciated as the service took all day. I was pleasantly surprised to have the van back by the end of the day as I had advised Eric that my husband and I had a dinner to attend that evening. I live in Cherryville so normally I have the van serviced in Shelby because it's closer. However, due to the exemplary service given by Eric and your dealership, I plan to visit you in the future for routine maintenance. You should be proud to have such outstanding employees as Eric Oram and the rest of your Honda team.
Anne W. Gastonia, NC
Thank you Mr. Jarvis, We are indeed enjoying the 2009 CRV and we really appreciated the wonderful service we received in working with you and Lauren. Thank you! I would be happy to send a nice note regarding our experience to your regional manager if you would kindly forward me the appropriate contact information.
Kevin C. Charlotte, NC
Dear Mr. Salinas, On October 13, 2008 I brought my Mitsubishi Endeavor in for the 32,000 mile service, plus the ignition recall. Upon removing my center console to check the recall, your mechanic, Mr. Robert Smith, found an envelope with cash, as well as a check. I was quite impressed that he turned it in to your service manager, Chip. With the economy being what it is today, Mr. Smith very easily could have pocketed the cash and disposed of the check with no one being wiser. I believe Mr. Smith should receive recognition for his honesty, as well as a copy of this letter in his personnel file. I appreciate doing business with a company who has honest and replicable personnel. Sincerely yours,
Theresa C. Gastonia, NC
Dear Adrienne and the Internet Department, I would like to take a moment to say "Thank You" to you, Chris Pressley, Alton Crawford and Rich Lindmier. Car buying is something that I "dread" due to all the "games" that are played trying to come upon a reasonable buying price. You guys have made me feel otherwise due to your experience and expertise in what you do. I will tell others of the great experience I had at your dealership, and I will never forget any of you. PLEASE pass this on to the others and let them know how much I appreciate not having to play the "car game!"
Wayn B. Charlotte, NC
Mr. Salinas, I am writing in part to apologize to your staff and in part to relay to you their selfless service. My wife and I brought out CR-V and Accord in for service on the 19th. It was getting close to 5 o'clock and beginning to rain heavily. After paying and loading my two children into the CR-V, I realized that I had forgotten to request a replacement owners' manual as well as wiper blades. I had made a mental note to ask about these when first speaking to the service representative, but I had gotten distracted. I looked at my watch and realized it was getting close to five. I also looked up, and it was raining heavily. Despite these two conditions, your staff worked selflessly to accommodate me despite the late hour and inclement weather. Three of your agents worked to get the wipers replaced, while another went out in the pouring rain to ge the replacement manual from another location at your facility. I am sorry to have such an inconvenience to them, but I wanted you to know how helpful and kind they were. I also regret not making a closer note of their names. A Mr. Lamar Ledford is mentioned at the top of my invoice, but as I noted above one of the other representative went out into the rain, while Mr. Ledford and his colleagues worked to replace the wipers. Please pass along my appreciation to your staff. I hope that in my place of business I can imitate their kindness. Respectfully submitted,
J. F. Kliesch, M.D. Cramerton, NC
To Whom it May Concern, I wanted to let you know about the AMAZING customer service I received from Luis Gil. I had been having issues with paperwork regarding a refinance of a car we did there recently. I think he "accidentally" had to take my call because the correct person was busy with another call, but he took my call, worked with the sales rep, called me back and continued to follow up until the situation had been settled. If it had not been for his customer service, I know my call could have just been bounced around from dept. to dept. but he made a potentially frustrating situation much easier. You are lucky to have someone so dedicated to customers on your staff. Sincerely,
Elizabeth F. Gastonia, NC
Service Department Mr. Salinas, I wanted to take a minute to tell you what a great job Chip Gensler does in the service department at McKenney Salinas Honda Mitsubishi. He is a great facilitator and does a superb job of explaining what a car needs. He is honest and straight forward and he know what he's talking about. His explanations are logical and show much expertise. He is interested in the overall performance of a car - not just fixing this item or that. He is quite professional, caring and articulate, and he does a splendid job facilitating, and coordinating customers and techinicians. Thanks,
Kay R. Gastonia, NC
McKenney Salinas Honda Luis Gil from McKenney Salinas Honda/Mitsubishi was a pleasure to do business with. I found my car online and was able to work out a great deal over the phone and by email. The car was everything they advertised on the website and they were excellent in answering any and all details that I had about the condition and the appearance. I live in Alabama and was able to fly out to Charlotte, Luis picked me up at the airport (went out of his way) took me to the dealership, I sighed the paperwork, they had the car detailed and I was on my way home in my new car in less than 2 hours. Probably the best car buying experience I have ever had. The entire staff and management team were very professional, courteous and accommodating. I have since received a couple of follow up calls to ask me how my purchase was and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend McKenney Salinas Honda/Mitsubishi's internet sales department. Thank you again for the great experience,
Dr. Trevor K. Alabama
McKenney Salinas Honda Internet Department Through an add on auto-trader, I located the car I had been looking for at McKenney-Salinas Honda Mitsubishi. The sales representative was courteous and easy to work with. He helped with all the details required for an out-of- state purchase and was able to make the sale happen without any added hassle or run-around. I appreciated the excellent service and the work that was put into making the sale happen long-distance. I would consider McKenney-Salinas Honda Mitsubishi again when purchasing a used vehicle.
Tabitha P. Charlotte, NC
I’m writing to commend Gary Holder, The Service manager at the McKenney Salinas Honda Dealership. My non-Honda automobile broke down in Gastonia on a cold, early winter morning two weeks ago, and I walked to the Honda dealership seeking help. Gary was kind and personable, not to mention very helpful. He sent someone with me to look at my car. Though he could not work on my car, he pointed me in the direction of someone who could. He also helped me line up a tow, rental and offered to be of additional help if needed. That’s great service! Many Thanks to Gary and the helpful staff at McKenney-Salinas Honda.
Jonathan H. Clemson, SC
Dear Sal, I am writing to express my thanks for the professional service that we received from two of your team members. We called your dealership after seeing an ad on Cars.com and were impressed by the warm and enthusiastic voice of Britany Rosol. She was kind enough to refer us to her associate, Dean Welch. Upon arrival at your dealership, we were cheerfully greeted by Dean who promptly directed us to the vehicles that we were most interested in (07 Odyssey’s). Dean is a true professional. His knowledge of the vehicles was extensive and he went the extra mile to show our family all of the Features and benefits of the vehicle. We sincerely appreciate his interest and assistance in this transaction and how he made it as smooth as possible. Finally we’d like to thank the entire sales team there at McKenney-Salinas Honda. We really enjoyed our trip to your facility and look forward to a long –term relationship with you and your dealership. Very Truly your,
Amy and Edwin P. Charlotte, NC
Sal, We just wanted to send you this note to say thank you for your help on getting our top on the car fixed. Your kindness will not be forgotten. God Bless!
Steve and Tammy M.
Bobby and Roger Thanks you for making our car buying experience at Mckenney Salinas Honda a pleasant one. That’s why I keep coming back after 15 years and 9 vehicles later. I have never walked away from Mckenney- Salinas feeling like I got the bad end of the deal. I appreciate you working with Shelley on her purchase and loan approval. Sincerely,
Mike R. Mooresville, NC
Marvin Mathis, I just want to let you know what a nice person Jonathon was he was very pleasant and was not the lease pushy. I have never had anyone be as nice as he was yesterday when I purchased a new Honda from him. He filled it up with gas while I waited in the car, and he offered me sundrop, so he went in and bought me one. He drove my car home for me because I was in a wreck one week ago. We brought him back to work and I enjoyed his polite personality all the way. Thank you so much!
Nancy R. Gastonia, NC
Lauren, My father referred me to McKenney Salinas Honda where I bought my new Accord. They gave us the refer-a-friend scratch card game, where you scratch a circle and you BOTH win the amount you scratched off. So both of us won $250!!! I used my $250 as a down payment on my car. It was a great surprise and way for me to save $$$ on my car!
Brandon S. Gastonia, NC
Service Manager, Eric Oram was extremely friendly and considerate while my Honda CRV was being serviced today. You are lucky to have a wonderful employee like him. I will gladly come back due to his extraordinary attitude – very helpful and informative.
Sara B. Gastonia, NC
Sal, Thanks for your help on our new purchase and for working with us. I feel like we got a great, fair deal and a great van. Bobby, Dick and the rest of your staff were very kind and helpful. I feel like we not only made a good deal but made some friends, too.
Jeff O. Gastonia, NC
Thank you Sal! I wanted to say thank you very much for helping with the 2006 F-150 FX4, and for the great service I received from David Craig and from Chris working hard to get the truck financed! Both worked really hard in doing all they could to see I was taken care of to get this truck! And thank you for all the friendly staff at McKenney Salinas Honda and Mitsubishi! Stephanie is still loving her Toyota p/u just as much as I am enjoying mine! Again, Sal I would like to thank you and David and Chris for all their efforts in getting this done for me! And we both Steph and I look forward to coming in to have our trucks serviced when needed! Most and high regards at you and at all the dealership!
Michael L. Gastonia, NC
Best Price! As a price shopper, I was shopping for the best price for my 2007 Honda Civic. I got several quotes from other dealerships in the area and after learning that some of the quotes weren’t true, I went to Salinas Honda because not only did they have the best price, but they were extremely personable and very professional. Thanks to the management team, Bobby Ford and Lauren Salinas.
Brison T. Charlotte, NC
Mr. Salinas, Little did I know when I purchased a raffle ticket from Sister Bernadette with Catherine’s House last June, that I would be the lucky winner of a fabulous 2007 Honda Accord from McKenney Salinas Honda. I was stunned and overjoyed at the same time! I want to thank you for your support and generosity to a most worthy charity, Catherine’s House. I want to thank your staff for taking such good care of me and my family when we came to pick up the car. Thank you to Bobby Ford for showing me all the many features of my new car. As for the car, it drives like a dream, so smoothly and quietly. I love it! Thank you again for this blessing in my life. Sincerely Yours,
Diane M. Matthews, NC Thank you!!!
Sal, I bless you every time I get into my lovely new Accord. You did not have to treat me like family – but you did!!!! Thank you,
Pam E. Gastonia, NC
Mr. Salinas, I would like to thank you for taking care of my car in need of the catalytic converter. Also. I really appreciate the handling of my situation in such timely manner. I’ve always been very happy with the friendly and professional service that I have received at McKenney Salinas Mitsubishi, and they will continue to service my car as needed. Sincerely,
L. Diane C.
Sal, Thank you again for taking your time to help me with my sons car situation. That’s what I call GREAT customer service. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Angela B.
Mr. Salinas, Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for the loving kindness shown to me at this time in my life. I am deeply touched and remain grateful. May God bless all of you.Thank You,
Natasha J.
Sal, You are such great friend and always willing to help! If ever I can help you please let me know. As Always Your Friend,
Becky D.
Sal, Thanks for making the experience as painless as it could be. I appreciate your unfailing courtesy!
Catherine B. Charlotte, NC
Lauren, Bobby, Marvin, Dick & Brittany, “Thank you for the best experience purchasing our cars!” Sincerely,
Rich & Felicia B. Charlotte, NC
McKenney Salinas Internet Department, A Great Car – My New CRV This is my fourth new CRV and I love it. It’s comfortable and pretty and I am averaging 30 miles to the gallon.
Benda T. Asheville, North Carolina
Mr. Salinas, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with your dealership. I recently purchased a 2008 CR-V. After some mileage it started making this whining noise. After several attempts to fix it for me, they were able to determine where it was coming from and took care of it. Not to get into too much detail, but what I wanted to convey was the high level of professionalism I experienced from Gary Holder and everyone in the service department I spoke with. I am a 64 year old widow and sometimes I get treated like I have one foot in the grave. Not so with your dealership. They treated me with courtesy and professionalism from start to finish. In fact, everyone I came into contact with at your dealership have been very professional staring when I walked in the door, to the employees on the phone taking a message and again especially in the service department. Please let them know how much I appreciate them!
Suzanne S. Cherryville, NC
Hi Sal, My daughter and I were out shopping for a used car last night. We talked to Alton. He was great. We didn’t but a car right then but it wasn’t until I went to several other dealerships that I realized what a jewel he is. We ran into many interesting characters at other dealerships. You should try it sometime just to see what an edge you have over the competition. Nothing is more disconcerting than talking to a disheveled old used car man, looking at your hoots as he’s telling you he may have more coming in tomorrow. With our small budget we are still looking around and if we don’t buy from you I’m still so glad I came in. (We have our Honda Serviced their and that’s always a positive experience.) I know for sure Alton would always be honest and have my best interest in mind. I would refer him and come back to him in a heartbeat. Respectfully-
Tannessa W. Charlotte, NC